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Morgen Genentech is a publicly-traded, world-class bio-medical research company.


Morgen Genentech is working hard to find the cures to diseases that plague humanity by engaging in bleeding-edge research into the very foundations of the building blocks of disease.


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Latest Company News

August 6th - 17:07

Dr. John Mari, the newly appointed head of Advanced Research Projects, has announced the creation of three new specialized labs within Morgen's ARP. Each lab will focus on different approaches to Defective Cell Therapies, or DCT as it is known by shorthand.

"We will be bringing on more than 250 new researchers to fill newly created positions in our Cascadia and Louisiana labs," said Dr. Mari.

Mari was brought into Morgen just last week.


August 5th - 16:47

Morgen Genentech has announced it is hiring John Mari as head of Advanced Research Projects. Dr. Mari is the youngest ever graduate of Wimehl Medical University, at just 17 years old.

Dr. Mari holds three distinct doctorates including two in advanced genetics and a third in viral vectoring.

Morgen Genentech Executive Officer Elliott Powell says that he believes that Dr. Mari will create a team as strong or stronger as that headed by former Director of Advanced Research Projects Klara Lassater.


April 13th - 11:40

Two employees of Morgen Genentech have been reported missing in what appears to be the latest in a string of bizarre employee disappearances.


March 23rd - 16:11

Morgen Genentech announced today that it's new line of anti-aging products was going to move out of the testing phase into the clinical trial phase.

"These products are going to make you look 10-20 years younger," promised Executive Officer Elliott Powell, "People are seriously going to be blown away by what we've created."


March 13th - 15:15

Morgen Genentech today announced that it was investing heavily into research and development of a new vaccine initiative.

"The Cascadia Outbreak surprised all of us," said Morgen Genentech Executive Officer Elliott Powell, "It was only through the brilliance of the late Klara Lassater that we were able to stop the disease. With Lassater's passing we need to invest much more heavily in this arena. Our very lives could depend upon it."


March 9th - 13:44

Morgen Genentech announced today that it was about to start clinical trials on a new form of male birth control.

If successful, it would mark the creation of the first form of reliable male birth control and could have a profound effect on Morgen's stock price.


March 1st - 18:28

Researchers at Morgen Genentech have announced clinical trials on their promising new drug to treat the Persian Influenza. Analysts expect a short-term jump in their stock price as a result.